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Introduction of WT WINTECH a.s.

 Areál VISIMPEXCompany engaged in the manufacture and distributionof fasteners for various market segments and production of aluminum construction systems.

Build a modern development, technological and logistics facilities in the company's headquarters in Prerov a guarantee for quality services to a wide range of customers.

Company is ranked among the successful suppliers of special fasteners and drawing parts for manufacturers in the automotive industry. 

Separately part of the company is production of parts and products from aluminum construction systems Swiss company KANYA.

Custom development is focused on aluminum construction system mainly for building construction. This results in the following products:

WINTECH SOLAR - aluminum structural system for the installation of photovoltaic systems on different types of roofs.

HAFIX - Compact system for ventilated facade designed for a wide range of lining materials.

TERAFIX - represents the next evolution in the development of aluminum structural systems. The idea was to create a robust quality product for different types of terrace board with simply and easy installation. The result is a very simple system profiles, clamps and components made ​​from aluminum and assembled with stainless steel fasteners. This guarantees a high load final terraces and a very long service life of the structure. Easy installation requires no special tools and jigs can handle it without any problems and the layman. The fundamental advantage of the system is the ability to remove the entire rear terraces without damaging the walkway boards and the system is an excellent solution for temporary installations such as seasonal furniture, summer refreshments, etc.

TERAFIX - with a certain quality of life


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